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Irrigation Imperium Services

Irrigation Imperium Ltd. provides the following underground sprinkler systems services complete with 2 year warranty on labour and parts.

Commission/Spring Start-ups:

  •  •Flush all zones from dirt build-up over winter.
  •  •Adjust sprinklers and nozzles as required for effective water coverage.
  •  •Detect any issues with the system, troubleshoot and repair as necessary.
  •  •Provide customer with report on any larger repairs required.

Installation of New Automated Systems:

  •  •Installation of underground polypropylene pipe, sprinkler heads, nozzles and all associated fittings divided into appropriate zones.
  •  •Installation of outdoor control valves, outdoor shut-off valve, winterization blow-out valve and wiring.
  •  •Plumbing work on separate irrigation feed line.
  •  •Installation of indoor controller in utility room and outdoor rain sensor.
  •  •Post installation walk-through which includes full test of the system and teaching the customer of the controller operations prior to turnover.
  •  •Free quote upon request.


  •  •Shut off main feed line valve on the inside and switch off controller.
  •  •Blowout all water in the underground system using large compressor.
  •  •Open inside drain valve and drain out any residual water left in the system.

To find out more about our lawn services, call Irrigation Imperium and speak with one of our project managers at (780)-800-4407.

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